DUG Midcontinent
Sept. 19-21, 2017
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cox Convention Center
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2016 DUG Midcontinent Presentations

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2016 Conference, Day 1

October 27, 2016

Opening Keynote: Stacked For Growth & Efficiency

Session sponsored by:
Sentry Technologies

With a key and growing position in the Stack play, capital raises and a strong equity valuation, Marathon Oil is poised to monetize the Meramec and other pay zones in the home of the legendary Sooner Trend. Learn here of its Stack resource potential, current plans, and how it is further driving down costs and driving up EUR.

  • Wade Hutchings, Regional Vice President, Midcontinent Assets, Marathon Oil Corp. – Presentation not released

Economics Panel: Price, Production

What is currently driving Lower 48 oil and gas prices and the outlook? And how does the Anadarko Basin's economics currently rank among other onshore oil, condensate and NGL plays? These experts describe the dynamics and potential.

  • Oil, Gas & NGL Prices Going Forward
    Ed Morse, Managing Director & Global Head, Commodities Research, Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
  • Stack & Other Anadarko Basin Plays–The Economics
    Subash Chandra, Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst, Guggenheim Securities LLC

Operator Spotlight: Taking The Meramec Northeast

This operator is defining the outermost limits of the economic Meramec to the northeast. Here are the results and the potential for horizontally developing other payzones in its area.

  • Russ Porter, President & CEO, Gastar Exploration Inc.

Technical Spotlight: Ramping Up The Frack

Producers across the Lower 48 continue to increase proppant loading, stages, clusters and fluid in completions. Here's what is becoming the best completion practices onshore the U.S.

Operator Spotlight: The Anadarko Basin's Emerging Potential–West & East

This operator has decades of experience in the Midcontinent and most recently expanded its position into the coveted Stack and Scoop plays. Here are its achievements in the western and eastern basin and its plans for developing its asset base.

Private-Operator Panel: The Patient Money

Billions of private-equity dollars have been committed to E&P start-ups and restarts to deploy in basins across the U.S. These E&P companies – one operator and one non-operator – have zeroed in on the Anadarko Basin.

Afternoon Keynote: Building Momentum In The Stack

Devon Energy Corp.'s five-well-per-section spacing pilot in the over-pressured Upper Meramec window came online with 1,400 BOE/d per well, 60% light oil, and indications were that even tighter spacing may be possible. Here's a look at its leasehold, results and exploitation forecast for surfacing the Stack's resources.

  • Tony Vaughn, Chief Operating Officer, Devon Energy Corp.

Midstream Spotlight: Oil, Gas & NGL Markets

New plays across the U.S. have resulted in a massive build-out of new takeaway capacity and-in the case of the Northeast-pushed hydrocarbons away to find new markets. To what markets are the Midcontinent's molecules directed today and what is the timeline for demand build-out?

  • Ben Lamb, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development EnLink Midstream

Technical Roundtable: Sand, Spacing, Slickwater

Completions in unconventional reservoirs are the leading edge of the industry, as operators continually hone and tweak their designs and wells respond with higher rates and bigger recoveries. This roundtable of top completion experts delves into the details of what is working where and how.

  • Gary Gould, Senior Vice President, Production and Resource Development, Continental Resources Inc. – Slides not used in presentation
  • Cliff McKaughan, Business Development Manager, Thru Tubing Solutions Inc. – Slides not used in presentation
  • Kristian Cozyris, Completions Advisor, Baker Hughes Inc. – Slides not used in presentation

Operator Panel: The Two Scoops & Stack-Tacular

These leaders in the multi-zone Stack and Scoop plays share their experiences from their positions, which are growing in both reserves and well IPs. Learn which areas work best and other characteristics of the liquids-rich windows of the Meramec, Woodford and Springer.

  • Jason Ashmun, Vice President, Midcontinent Business Unit,
    Chesapeake Energy Corp.
  • Dave Witter, Chief Geologist, Cimarex Energy Co.
  • Glen Brown, Senior Vice President, Exploration, Continental Resources Inc.

Special Address: The Geopolitical Petroleum Chaos

How does Iran fit in at the OPEC table? What is happening in Venezuela and how is the turmoil affecting oil markets? What will become of OPEC itself based on members' declining revenue, debt load and social programs' cost? Here's an expert perspective of what is confounding energy markets.

2016 Conference, Day 2

October 28, 2016

Opening Keynote: Derisking Over-Pressured Stack And Developing Scoop

Continental Resources brought in the Scoop-Woodford and Scoop-Springer discoveries earlier this decade. Soon, its legacy leasehold north of the play became promising for Meramec pay. One of its wells in the over-pressured window is flowing at more than 4,200 psi after six months online. Here are this producer's findings and plans.

  • Jack Stark, President and Chief Operating Officer, Continental Resources Inc.

M&A Panel: An Oklahoma Land Run

Prices for Anadarko Basin leasehold have ranged from less than $10,000 an acre to $20,000 in recent acquisitions. Here are the play-by-play deal metrics and the outlook for further consolidation.

  • The Expanding Core of the Scoop and Stack
    Jeff Sieler, Managing Director & Co-Head of A&D, Citigroup Inc. – Presentation not released
  • Anadarko Basin Development Economics
    Jessica Pair, Upstream Manager, Stratas Advisors

Water Spotlight: At The Surface

Producers across the Lower 48 continue to wrestle for efficiencies in water sourcing and conservation. Here is the current above-ground environment for operating in the Midcontinent.

Operator Spotlight: The Western Anadarko Basin

The popular Granite Wash play is being consolidated, while other payzones, including the Cleveland, also continue to produce economic results. This leading operator describes current results and future plans for this prolific basin.

  • Scott Goodwin, Vice President, Operations, FourPoint Energy LLC – Presentation not released

Midstream Spotlight: The Impact of Growing Scoop/Stack Residue-Gas Output

Broad consensus is building around the need for new Oklahoma residue-gas takeaway capacity and timing is becoming more critical as the state's production is expected to nearly double during the next decade. Here is the forecast.

  • Craig Harris, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Enable Midstream Partners LP