DUG Midcontinent
February 24-26, 2015
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cox Convention Center
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Conference Agenda

Wednesday, February 25

7:30 am

Registration Open – Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

Start your day off right with a hot and cold breakfast before you take a seat for an exciting and informative day of presentations. Use this opportunity to meet new contacts, including exhibitors, speakers and other attendees.

8:30 am

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Steve Toon, Senior Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, Hart Energy

8:35 am

Opening Keynote: The SCOOP & Springer

Operators are further defining the productive potential of the oil-window of the Woodford shale in the South-Central Oklahoma Oil Province and a new horizon, Springer shale, is proving to be another zone of light, sweet pay.

9:00 am

M&A Panel: Deals For Exploration; Deals For MLPs

As exploration of the Midcontinent's many payzones continues with lateral wellbores, mature assets are ripe for the MLP. Here’s a breakdown of prices being paid for the myriad asset types and operators' outlooks for their growing positions.

10:00 am

Networking Break

10:30 am

Operator Spotlight: The SOHOT

The SOHOT play, representing "southern Oklahoma Hoxbar oil trend," has six stacked sands, including the oily Marchand within the roughly 2,000-foot-thick, Pennsylvanian-age sand/shale intervals. Learn here about a horizontal program to tap the potential.

11:00 am

Midcontinent Economics Panel: It's Complicated

From the Texas Panhandle to the Arkoma Basin and from southern Oklahoma into Kansas, the number of payzones is astonishing. Drilling results vary by zone, the orientation of landing within formations, geography, completion and operator. This panel of experts will break it down—from D&C cost to EUR.

11:40 am

Operator Spotlight: How STACK Is Stacking Up

The "Sooner Trend, Anadarko (Basin), Canadian (and) Kingfisher (counties)" play northwest of Oklahoma City targets the Woodford as well as Mississippian-age shales. The Sooner Trend Field has produced nearly 500 million barrels of oil since its discovery in 1945. Find out what's possible now from the Woodford there as well as from the overlying Meramec and in Newfield's Springer-shale and SCOOP windows.

12:00 pm

Networking Luncheon & Keynote Speaker

2:00 pm

Big-Picture Spotlight: How The Midcontinent Is Transforming U.S. Oil Markets

The home of the Cushing hub, Midcontinent oil production has grown to more than 500,000 barrels a day from 240,000 in June 2005. Here's how it—and other new U.S. oil production—is reaching refiners and, potentially, the global market.

2:20 pm

Midstream Panel: End Markets For Midcontinent Crude & NGLs

U.S. refiners are swiftly responding to new U.S. light crude coming onstream. Here's a look at new projects, expansions and upgrades that seek to make good use of Midcontinent oil as well as its bounty of gas liquids.

3:20 pm

Networking Break

The more visible you are, the more successful you can be! Stretch your legs and visit the exhibit hall for a chance to visit with other delegates.

3:50 pm

Operator Spotlight: Granite Wash Keeps Growing

Nearly a decade old now, the horizontal Granite Wash play continues to produce remarkable well results. This long-time operator in the stacked zones describes current drilling and completion best practices in the liquids-rich horizon.

4:10 pm

Panel: Upstream R&D In The Midcontinent

These experts in the R&D world hone in on the latest advances in field technology, from logging to lateral length to frac-stage density. Which practices are showing promise?

5:00 pm

Networking Reception

Hit the exhibit floor with your business cards to make connections with the key personnel you came to meet.

Thursday, February 26

7:30 am

Registration Open – Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

Jump start your day with a complimentary, fully-catered breakfast in the exhibit hall. Use this time to meet with exhibitors and other industry contacts.

8:30 am

Welcome & Opening Remarks

8:35 am

Opening Spotlight: The Hugoton Is New Again

Discovered in 1919 in Seward County, Kansas, and home of the first application of hydraulic fracture-stimulation, the Hugoton Basin was recently deemed to likely to exceed 100 years of production before becoming uneconomic. New interest in the basin may push its lifespan even further.

9:00 am

Technical Roundtable: Drilling, Completing & Producing The Midcontinent

Findings on well density, frac-stage spacing, proppant recipes, lateral length, landing zones and more understanding of the Midcontinent’s many productive formations are discussed by leaders in technology development and field use.

10:00 am

Networking Brunch

One of the most important reasons to attend a conference is the networking. Visit the exhibit floor and visit with current customers and meet new prospects, too!

10:30 am

Spotlight: Expansions In NGL Pipelines & Markets

Gulf Coast fractionators have added hundreds of thousands of barrels of new NGL capacity in the past several years. Shippers continue to expand the overseas market for new U.S. supply. Here's a look at current demand and where future Midcontinent NGL will be put to use.

10:50 am

Spotlight: The Upper, Middle & Lower Mississippian — And More

The powerful Mississippian Lime play—just four years old yet—has stacked landing zones, making more than 4,000 locations for this operator, which also has Marmaton, Chester and Woodford locations within its vast Oklahoma leasehold. The latest on best practices in these plays and EURs are described here.

11:10 am

Spotlight: The Remarkable Marble Falls

The Marble Falls play in the Fort Worth Basin and Bend Arch is producing new, highly economic, oil- and NGL-rich (60%) pay from vertical wells with modern completions. More than 700 new wells have been drilled since 2007 and the play is on track to see >300 new wells in 2014 alone. Learn how this producer is doing it.

  • Speaker TBA, Newark E&P Operating LLC

11:30 am

Closing Keynote: The New, Mexican Market for U.S. Oil, NGL & Gas

Still a net exporter of oil, Mexico is among U.S. trade partners asking that it fair-play its longstanding support of free trade and begin sending U.S. light sweet its way. Meanwhile, more than 4 Bcf of U.S. gas a day has begun moving to Mexico to meet its power-gen needs. And the country is inviting U.S. and other E&Ps to explore for—and book—its oil and gas reserves. Here's the outlook for this new market for U.S. hydrocarbons and explorationists.

11:50 am

Conference Adjourns

Agenda content and timeline subject to change